Dubai Holidays – Guaranteed sunshine

Holidays in Dubai are guaranteed fun in the sun. This city has such an infusion of modern culture, heritage and amenities that it will attract even more discriminating visitors. Stay at some of the best hotels in the world, shop at a variety of boutiques and malls, or spend time enjoying the beautiful beaches. Below, […]

4 Reasons to Travel to Dubai

There are many reasons why you would like to visit Dubai. The breathtaking architectures, sparkling beaches, tax-free shopping and high-profile events are all in a strange and attractive thrill in Dubai's tourism life. For starters, here are 4 reasons that will make you think about booking a ticket to Dubai flights. shopping Dubai is a […]

Anna Maria Island, Florida: Seven Popular Hotels

Choosing the right hotel or resort can be the most difficult decision to make when planning your beach getaway on Anna Maria Island. There are no hotels or chain resorts allowed on the island. However, there are dozens of excellent privately owned and operated hoteliers. They range from just a few units to more than […]

Second Homes – Condo Sense Hotels

The compelling facts … What if … Only 5% of the Bum Baby generation learned about a cost-effective way to own more than 1 retired home? 75 million boomers will retire over the next 15 years, 5% equals a requirement of 250,000 condo hotel units per year, each year 2020 units. What if … you […]

Honolulu – A Land of Fantasy

If you've been planning a vacation, why not choose Honolulu? With its attractive historical sites, great landmarks, exotic beaches, the capital, Hawaii, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable experience. Aloha! This Hawaiian greeting will be your favorite word when you return […]

New York is right at home in luxury

New York City is the place to pamper yourself in decadence. New York-style luxury hotels offer the best of amenities, breathtaking city views and are centrally located on the largest attractions on earth. New York City may be small, but Manhattan is powerful when it comes to first class service, five-star hotels and award-winning dinner. […]