How Travel is Re-shaping the Fashion Industry

Answer the question & # 39; how travel is reshaping the fashion industry & # 39; It's easy! When an Asian tourist with a high socioeconomic status goes to the US and fashion accessory stores; they bring the international market with them. When they attract the attention of the best fashion brands, they take care […]

Route Route 66 through Arizona

Route 66 can trace its history to the late 1920s & 39; when it was first proposed and paved. However, it was not until 1938 that the road was completely paved by it and eastward to Chicago, Illinois to the western terminus in Santa Monica, CA about 2,450 miles later. Of course the route can […]

Food, Glorious Food!

There is a reason why Norfolk is considered to be the garden of England and this is because of the wonderful fresh produce it grows. The coastline and countryside of this beautiful district make it the perfect place for visitors to North Norfolk hotels, but it also has a vital importance to the country's supermarkets. […]

Tunisia offers palatial hotel amenities at motel prices

The main achievement of Tunisia's strong currency and tourism is tourism, and this small country of eleven million people hosted over seven million tourists last year, a record number. Many will return again and again to enjoy the mild climate, gorgeous beaches and gourmet dining. There is something like a quarter of a million hotel […]

Yellow Pages Tips for Phoenix Businesses

I worked as a Yellow Pages advisor for 25 years in the Metro Phoenix area. This city has a unique set of challenges that not many other big cities face. For example, the climate is the worst in the country. Summer summers can average 110 degrees for a whole month. Therefore, air-conditioning businesses thrive while […]

Luxury weekend in Venice

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, has a wealth of opportunities to indulge in a luxurious weekend. Here are five of the best ways to treat yourself to the city of love. St. Marx Square St. Mark's Square, or Piazza San Marco as it is known to Venetians, is at the […]

Arizona dog attack laws

About 4.7 million Americans will be bitten by dogs this year. Children are the main victims of these injuries. Approximately 800,000 people will seek medical care each year due to dog bites. Over the past 15 years, more than half of states have passed laws with harsh penalties for dog owners that cause serious injury […]