Honeymoon tour in India

Honeymoon is the first vacation the couple spends together and everyone loves to make this a great time, the most memorable one. The honeymoon beauty right after the wedding is truly amazing. It is the way to take the first step in the journey of married life.

Selecting the Destination of the Month is an important issue. We have different options but which one would choose her most confusing subject. India is always on the top of their honeymoon list, whether they are Indians or foreigners. India is the best place to spend these wonderful days and make the time memorable. We have places, areas, rivers, beaches, deserts etc to see and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Some of the famous honeymoon destinations in India are –

Goa – The golden beaches full of palm trees surrounded by green hills can be the dream place for couples to begin the journey of life there. It is often known as "Honeymooner's Paradise".

Srinagar – Kashmir is Paradise on this earth. The climate here is pleasant and we can have scenic views of nature, lush valleys and much more. Dal Lake is ideal for a passionate sailboat cruise for honeymoon couples.

Jaipur – Beautiful paved gardens and parks, gorgeous heritage hotels and their royal treatment will truly make your honeymoon the most memorable achievement of a lifetime. It's the best place for one who believes in history and really wants to see ancient monuments.

Ooty – Ooty is the perfect honeymoon destination for you if you love nature silence and creation songs. Here at Ooty, you can all feel the hint of romance.

Kullu Manali – Kullu Manali is a peaceful place to relax and unwind. Admittedly, a spell spread before your eyes that draws you to its magic.

Shimla – Shimla can provide you with a satisfying experience crossing the country itinerary. Here couples can have fun and enjoy adventurous sports and can visit the Kufri ski lane, which is one of the best ski areas available in India.