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Reasons to go to Cancun
Cancun attracts more visitors than any other region in Mexico. More than three million people visit every year for fantastic climate and amenities.

In the 1960s and 39s, the Mexican government saw the potential for the mother of all tourist regions on white sandy beaches off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is now synonymous with Spring Break, but it's much more than a festive city. The main beach in Cancun is truly a barrier island shaped like a number 7. At the eastern end of this magnificent beach are shops, restaurants, malls, clubs and great Maya-inspired hotels.

For a more relaxing break, try the Mexican Riviera, which lies south of Cancun in more traditional, historical and natural areas such as Isla Mujeres, the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and the island of Cozumel.

Almost every type of water sport is available in Cancun – parashailing, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Or do it like Ernest Hemingway and go fishing in the Caribbean for outdoor seafood, marlin, dorado, wahoo, grouper and bluefin tuna.
The average temperature in Cancun is 80 ° F with more than 240 days of sun. Rain is rare, with late August to November being the rainy season.

Cancun Peak Season:

The best time to make a flight to Cancun is between December and April.

Shoulder Season:

The end of April and May are good times to catch a bargain. Temperatures are in the high 80s and 39s and Cancun is humid, but the breeze from the Caribbean should keep it manageable.

Holiday Season:

Between June and November the weather in Cancun is hot and humid, while autumn is the hurricane season.
About Cancun

In Cancun it's easy to walk, and if you don't want to rent a car, you can take a taxi around the city. Prices are set by area, but be warned that locals pay about half of what tourists pay and prices for guests at more expensive hotels are about twice as much for budget hotel guests. Taxis can be rented for $ 20 per hour for city and hotel trips.

The bus ride is popular within Cancun. Ruta 1 and 2 city buses often travel from the mainland to the beaches along Avenida Tulum (main road) and all the way to Punta Nizuc on the farthest end of the Isla Cancun hotel area. Ruta 8 buses go to Porto Juarez / Punta Sam for ferries to Isla Mujeres. They stop on the east side of Avenida Tulum. City buses operate between 6am and 10am daily. Beware of private buses along the same route; they charge more than public ones – about 6 pesos (60 ¢). An alternative is to rent a bike for around $ 30 a day. Remember your collision helmet.

US dollars are accepted everywhere in the main hotel area of ​​Cancun, but exchange rates vary widely. Also, as you venture further into Mexico, using dollars becomes more difficult. Swap your coin for the local tender and pay for everything in pesos.

In Cancun you will find many popular shops, restaurants and services, and you do not have to worry about contracting tropical diseases in an unusual way. However, outside of Cancun, beware of food and water. Read on to avoid Montezuma Revenge & # 39; .

Be prepared to argue, but compare prices first. If you're not sure that the item is exclusive to a particular seller, shop around and find the seller with the best initial quote, and then quarrel.

The biggest event is carnival , held in February just before Lent. In line with Mexico's strong religious tradition & # 39;, Inmaculada Concepcion is held in Isla Mujeres in December. For lovers of physical training, the Cancun International Marathon takes place just before the Christmas rush of tourism.

Here are some things everyone should know about their next vacation in Cancun.

Taxis in Cancun

Prices of taxis in downtown Cancun vary, but the average price is 15 pesos, but they will try to charge more tourists (about 20 pesos). Taxis from Cancun city center to the hotel area are minimum 50 pesos. You can take a taxi anywhere in Cancun, the cost varies depending on the area, prices from or from the hotel area are more expensive, we suggest you first adjust the price with the driver. In most hotels you can find in the lobby area or by the bell boy a sign opposing the current prices for local taxis. The photo on the right shows the average size of taxis, everyone is naked white and green, there must be a number as well. Capacity: up to 4 persons without luggage or 3 with luggage. Local taxis are not allowed to carry passengers from the airport, they can only take you there for your departure. To get to your hotel from the airport you can use any transport line located at both terminals, but be aware of unauthorized persons working at the airport, they are usually called pirates and you may end up paying far more than regular rate. We suggest you pre-book your airport shuttle service, it is more convenient, safe and simple.

Cancun Buses cost $ 7 dollars (NO US currency) per person / 1 way. You get a ticket, but, that's for their control. There are 4 R-1, R-2, R-15 & R 27 buses. If you travel within the hotel area then it really doesn't matter which bus you take (Wet & # 39; n Wild) is the exception. in the hotel area but only half the buses go there, so ask before getting in). R-2 & R-15 go to Wal-mart & Mercado 28. R-1 you ask! Well, now it goes almost everywhere. You should read the right front window of the bus as it lists where it ends. R-1 & # 39; s going to Puerto Juarez, Wal-mart, Plaza 2000, Mercado 23, the bus stop and places I've never been to. Turn R 27 left on Tulum Ave & go to Plaza Las Americas (local mall & # 39; s).

Cancun Tips
a) The last man standing wins nothing. It means you'll be flying soon. If you are the last person to pay the driver, then before you think about where you want to sit, he will go 78 miles per hour.

b) Telling the bus driver where to get down is a good start but it won't always work. Most don't speak English well enough to understand you. Have an idea of ​​where you are going before you start. Look for the monuments.

c) They will not stop turning away from you unless you ask. Do not assume that they stop at all stops.

d) To fly a bus down, you have to shake one of your body parts.

e) The cheapest tour in Cancun, so enjoy it.

f) Get in and out of the back door when possible.

g) Do not bring drinks on the bus as they will most likely end up on someone else.

f) When you get down NO ONE moves for you, so if the bus is full, put your head down and push.

Exchange of money
All shops, restaurants will receive US dollars and traveler checks. However, chances are that the exchange will be in their favor. It is best to exchange your money first at the bank (best options), exchange places (casa de cambio) or hotel (check rates as most do not give you a good rate). NO ONE gets US coins, bills that are caught, written on, pasted or glued together again. See Money Exchange Tips
LIVE music

Salsa: Shrimp Bucket, Batacha, Azucar, Mambo Cafe Rock & Roll & # 39; n Roll: Hard Rock Cafe, Carlos & # 39; n Charlie & # 39; s, La Ruina Jazz: Blue Bayou (Fri / Sat), Roots Mariachi: OK Maguey, Perico & # 39; s
Shopping Tour: We recommend this excellent Cancun City Tour, the shipping company is very professional and reliable.

Misc. stuff

Do not drink water even if the hotel has a purified water system, it tastes funny and you really do not know the purification and maintenance of the water purification system, often they are not well maintained. Mexican bottled water is 1/3 of the price. Avoid people on the street saying "YO VIVO A KEY" means, I live here. Set your taxi fares before you enter. If you have any problems, remove his number from the car and report it to your hotel. Use environmentally friendly sunlight when in national water parks. DON & # 39; T let people change your mind about a restaurant. & # 39; Oh that restaurant is closed & # 39; or & # 39; my uncle owns a better one. & # 39; My favorite is & # 39; Are you sure you want to eat there? & # 39; Every restaurant pays a commission for concierge, taxis, travel agent representatives, trucks, front desk clerks, maids, vendors, iguanas, sharks, monkeys and more. The commission can be as high as 15% of your bill and of course the fee is added to the menu price. 97% of restaurants pay. Most people talk & # 39; JOB English & # 39; means they get when you ask questions that are answered daily. Speak slowly and clearly. Don't use rare words. Don't expect everyone to understand your accent.
The year-round ocean temperature is 80F, so hop inside! Crossing the road is not right; this is a challenge. You do NOT have the right of way even on a cross walk or with a red light. Be on the defensive. Taxi and bus drivers do not have any education and think the road holds 3 things;
1) Their vehicle, 2) Their waste & 3) Their right of way. So RUN when crossing the road. Use sun cream even on a cloudy day.

If you were to go 2 hours from the pyramids in Egypt? If so, go to Chichen-Itza.
Ice is safe in drinks. All restaurants wash vegetables in purified water. Even the taco guy in my corner. Always keep changes! 5, 10, 20 pesos. Amazing how many stores have no changes and it will be your fault. ATM machines, credit cards are in pesos so DON & # 39; P PANIC when looking at all those chips Take care of the hot sauce! & It's the next day it bites. Well, bites … How to speak Spanish better? Drink more tequila! The best thing to do? Get up at 6:30 am and walk to the beach. THE BEST! If anyone says & # 39 ;, I understand & # 39; they don't & # 39; t. So simple.
I advise your maid daily; one foot or 2. Swap your dollars in exchange houses, maybe your hotel or banks. You'll get a better rate than shops and restaurants. ET call home Dial 001 – area code – #. Buy Ladatel phone cards (50 cents per minute). Phones are everywhere and cards are sold in most stores and money exchange booths. DO NOT call collect . The minimum fee is US $ 40! You will find these phones in 50% of hotel rooms, lobbies and on the street.
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