Some negative aspects about wildlife tourism

Tourism is described as the best foreign exchange contributor in many countries. This is actually a multi-billion dollar industry that offers the best in tour and safari packages. The name wildlife tourism means looking at animals in the best natural habitat. It includes many countries like Africa, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Canada, India, South American countries and more. However, the industry has experienced some bits of negativity mainly due to what is seen as interference with the nature of animals.

Tourism has sometimes been criticized by conservatives who have said that major developments such as hotels, villas, lodges and other tourism amenities have really disrupted animal life. They have argued that excessive encroachment on animal habitat is disturbing feeding and nesting sites. Some have noticed that watching can scare animals or make them very aggressive. This is because some tourist activities occur during sensitive times of the wild life cycle such as during breeding, when some animals have to settle in one place until the season is over.

Tourism must become friendly to everyone, including wildlife that has the right to choose any place in the wild. Large measures should be considered to ensure that wildlife habitats are not breached in such a way that animals & # 39; the cycle will be interfered with. An important aspect is the prevention of mushrooming of lodges and hotels everywhere in the parks. Park rides should also be controlled to prevent intimidation of animals and should only be done during the specified time. When taking care of this, there will be many wildlife to see in the future.