State of Illinois Franchise Registration and Persnickety Examiners

It is amazing that State Franchise Registration State Examiners like those in the State of Illinois Franchise Registration Examiners Office often believe they are protecting the investor. But really they are not because the over regulation they place on Franchisors means they must raise the costs of the franchises they sell by quite a bit and therefore pass that onto the consumer or investor, thus the State of Illinois Franchise Registration Rules and their persnickety Examiners are hurting the very consumer they purport to protect you see?

I think it is high time that they go read Any Rand. No Regulator should EVER, be allowed in to regulate franchising until they have worked on the Franchisor side of things. Of course when I alerted the State of Illinois Franchise Registration Examiners of this fact they told me that these views of franchisors are perception based? Well, then let me educate you and your so-called “Perception”:

In my professional opinion regulators abuse laws, divert millions of dollars unnecessarily to lawyers who hide the tools needed for franchisors to by-pass them. The disclosure laws give away too much information to competitors and the 35% of all inquires to the franchisor which are fake. The registrations states and FTC should be fined for Identity Theft in forcing franchisors into over disclosure, which is also helps foreign competitors to more information than is available in the franchisors corporate office, phone records, trash cans (pre-shredder) and computer systems. Consider all this in 2006.