Illinois Lemon Laws – What Are the 8 Lemon Law Acts of Illinois

Lemon laws are the laws which grant a solution for purchasers of cars that continuously fall short to meet up the standard quality and performance. Basically these types of car are known as lemons. Illinois lemon laws provide compensation to the customers of defective automobiles and light trucks and vans which are less than 8000 pounds and for other vehicles as well within Illinois.

Here are the 8 Illinois Lemon Law Acts which are illustrated as below :

1) Act 815.380.1 – This law is applicable for the purchaser of a new vehicle.

2) Act 815.380.2 Definitions – Under these law, the following words are described below for the rationale of these acts –

a)”Consumer” refers to a particular person who buys or leases a new vehicle for a certain amount of time; at least one year for personal use and for household or family purposes.

b)”Express warranty” means the same for this act as it is for the purpose of Uniform Commercial Code.

c)”New vehicle” is considered as a passenger car under this act.

d)”Nonconformity” means the failure of a new vehicle which obeys the rules to all express warranties and is valid for the vehicle.

e)”Seller” refers to the manufacturer of the new vehicle or distributor or authorized dealer.

f)”Statutory warranty period” represents a certain period of time; approximately 1 year otherwise 12000 miles of travel since the delivery date of the car to the customer.

g)”Lease cost” means the rent of a new vehicle to the customer which includes fees, down payments taxes and any amount that is paid to the seller.

3) Act 815.380.3 – This act deals with the failure of the vehicle and its remedies and presumption.

4) Act 815.380.4 – This act deals with the various procedures established by the manufacturer and the claims made by the customer.

5) Act Lemon Law 815.380.5 – Persons deciding to continue and reconcile under this Act shall be excluded from a separate reason of action under the Uniform Commercial Code.

6) Act Lemon Law 815.380.6 – If any claim comes under this act then it will be initiating within 18 months of the delivery date of the vehicle.

7) Act Lemon Law 815.380.7 – The seller provides a written statement about the details of the customer rights to the consumer.

8) Act Lemon Law 815.380.8 – This act is applied in case of motor cars commencement with the model year which is pursued by the applicable date of this act.