Adolphus W Brower House – Sycamore, Illinois – Historic Architecture Abounds

Weary from my recent journey I again return to Sycamore, Illinois suffering from severe a case of Republican-icon-overload. Breathe in, sigh, I am back and will be soothed. Soothed by picture perfect Italianate style. At 705 DeKalb Avenue in Sycamore is a high-style example of Italianate in the Adolphus W. Brower House.
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The house featured an original scrollwork porch, which was reflected on the enclosed porch of the rectangular bay on the east side of the house. The porch balustrade (wiki) has been altered sometime since the late 1970s.
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When the house was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 it was called a postcard perfect example of the style upon its approval, which came on Valentine’s Day in 1979.
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Adolphus W. Brower was, in his day, a rather well-known hardware merchant in early Sycamore. I am unsure whether he was any particular relation to the prominent Sycamore attorney Floyd E. Brower, whose home was discussed in another related article I authored. Unfortunately, the National Register documentation for the Adolphus Brower House is not yet available online at the time of writing this article or I would have linked you to it.
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Online Resources For Further Information

*Adolphus W. Brower House: Old Photos (NRHP archive) – 1978
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Tomorrow we stick around the area and investigate Prairie style architecture examples in the county of DeKalb.
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Sycamore, Illinois is a city of approximately 15,000 residents, located in DeKalb County, of which it is the county seat. Sycamore was settled in 1835, primarily north of the Kishwaukee River.

National Register of Historic Places – David Syme House – Sycamore, Illinois – Historic Architecture

If you find yourself in the Sycamore, Illinois area with nothing to do, more specifically if you find yourself in the 800 block of Somonauk Street in Sycamore, undoubtedly viewing the Chauncey Ellwood House and Esther Mae Nesbitt House, you could walk south. Walk until you hit the 400 block. At 420 Somonauk is the stately David Syme House. It’s a Queen Anne style home that is part of a group known as “painted ladies” (wiki-not the greatest but good enough).
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The David Syme House was designed by architect George O. Garnsey, who designed several other prominent local structures, as well as buildings in other Illinois communities (more on both topics in other articles by me). Garnsey was a Chicago-based architect who helped design many buildings after the Great Chicago Fire and what is theh current Illinois State Capitol.
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The Syme house has two prominent circular turrets, common on Queen Anne style houses. The Syme House also has a hipped roof (wiki) with cross gables (wiki), a feature found on about 50 percent of Queen Anne style homes.
David Syme came to Sycamore in 1868 and the home at 420 Somonauk cost him about $8,000 around 1880. Syme served as a local bank president as well as mayor and president of the Sycamore School Board.
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Sycamore, Illinois is a city of approximately 15,000 residents, located in DeKalb County, of which it is the county seat. Sycamore was settled in 1835, primarily north of the Kishwaukee River.
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Sycamore is well worth the visit for any architecture student, history buff or photo-journalist. The National Register of Historic Places is an excellent combination of the two feilds well worth the look for connisuers of either specialty.

Planning a Trip to Illinois

Illinois, which is the fifth most populous state in the United States, is also one of the most visited spots in the country. Chicago is the central industrial city of this state. But it also has other cities that you would find very interesting. This part of the U.S. boasts of having so many museums.
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Here is where you will find the largest presidential library in the entire country. It’s called the state of the art Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. Other equally amazing museums include the Museum of Science and Industry, John G. Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Field Museum of Natural History. All these museums will give you a glimpse of the state’s history and culture.
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Aside from the museums, you will also find park system, which started in 1908. It is now called the Fort Massac State Park. It is comprised of more than a hundred of parks, wildlife preserves, and recreational areas. Some of the natural attractions that you should check out include the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, the Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor, the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, the American Discovery Trail, and the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield.

Of course, there is no way you can miss the statue of Clark Kent in Superman Costume, the Metropolis Planet newspaper, and the Super Museum if you are a big fan of this world famous superhero. All these attractions would make your trip to Illinois unforgettable.

Group Transportation Hassles Put to Rest with Help from Charter Bus Rental Service in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is known for many symbols, deep dish pizza, Al Capone, Michael Jordan, and the Sears Tower. However, no one ever mentions group travel headaches, and uncoordinated transportation plans. Picture this; you need to coordinate your group of 25 of more, family members, business associates, cub scouts, church choirs, military personnel, etc to various locations within the Chicago metropolitan area. Next you weigh your options, public transportation, rental cars, or a limousine fleet. While the most economical choice, public transportation is often crowded and not always available for drop off at the exact location. As for rental cars, would you want to go through the trouble of ordering a caravan of rental cars and expect all of your passengers to navigate through Chicago’s crowded streets and neighborhoods? Finally, limousine service will provide transportation in style, but for large groups, who wants to coordinate multiple pickups? The answer that is economical, comfortable, punctual, and sensible is charter bus rentals in Chicago.

Charter bus service in Chicago will allow your group the chance to relax and put the driving in Chicago traffic to a professional that knows the area. Tired of pulling over for rest stops or trying to keep a group of antsy kids occupied? Most charter buses in Chicago provide onboard restrooms and DVD entertainment options. Chicago already has the world’s busiest airport in O’Hare International Airport, the world’s busiest expressway in the Dan Ryan, and the World’s largest convention center in McCormick place, add 7 million people to that mix and you have one bustling city. Chicago charter bus rentals allow groups to set up one point of pick up and drop off together. Oftentimes charter buses are allowed very close to the entrance of most destinations.

Whether your group is visiting Chicago’s many sporting events, cultural attractions or festivals, charter bus service allows for easy one spot parking, and a way for your group to stay together before, during and after the event. As most adults like to indulge in a few spirits to make their time with friends or family more enjoyable, charter bus service in Chicago also becomes the safe option for group travel. Whatever your group decides to partake in, Chicago has many options to make your stay enjoyable. Renting a charter bus in Chicago will allow you to enjoy the event with your group to its fullest.

The BusBank, is a charter bus rental service headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Kankakee River State Park

Kankakee River State Park, located near Bourbonnais Illinois healthcare and Bourbonnais hospital, is an unspoiled natural paradise which has been treasured for hundreds of years. It was first settled by the Native Americans who inhabited the region and then later by farmers and traders and today by hikers, campers, bicyclists, anglers, hunters, and canoeists. The Kankakee River, a naturally channeled stream listed by the Federal Clean Streams Register, is the focal point of the park’s popularity.

One of the popular attractions of the 1890’s was the Custer Bowery Amusement Park, which brought visitors from Chicago. The park lasted through the First World War, but by that time the river had already become a popular place for summer cottages. The spot became more accessible for vacationers when roads were built along both banks of the river in 1928. Ten years later Chicagoan Ethel Sturges Dummer donated thirty-five acres of land to create a state park. Commonwealth Edison added almost two thousand acres more to the park in 1956 and granted further land to the park in 1989. At the present time Kankakee State River Park contains about 4,000 acres and envelopes both banks of the Kankakee River for eleven miles and is bounded by Illinois Route 113 on the south side and Illinois Route 102 on the north. Interstate highways 55 and 57 provide convenient access to the park from the local communities of Kankakee, Bradley, and Bourbonnais healthcare.

A number of prehistoric sites are found in Kankakee River State Park. The Native American inhabitants of the area at the time when the first Europeans arrived in the 1670’s were Miami and Illini Indians. The Miami were the larger group, so the Kankakee River was originally named the River of the Miami. Mascouten and Kickapoo also inhabited the region from the late 1670’s til the 1760’s and Potawatomi Indians hunted in this area by the later date. By the 1770’s the Potawatomi, Chippewa, and Ottawa nations, known as the Three Fires, were dominant in the region. The largest village was known as Rock Village, and was located in the present day park not far from the mouth of Rock Creek. The last of the great Indian Councils was held here in 1830. In 1832, after the Black Hawk War, the Potawatomi were forced to cede all of their land which lay along the Kankakee and Illinois Rivers to the U.S. government. Most of the Potawatomi abandoned the area with the exception of Chief Shaw-waw-nas-see, whose tomb is marked by a boulder which lies along Rock Creek nature trail.

In the 1820’s French fur trades including Noel Le Vasseur, Hubbard Chabare, and Francois Bourbonnais traded with the Potawatomi who lived along the Iroquois and Kankakee Rivers. When the Potawatomi abandoned the region in 1838, Le Vasseur called upon French Canadians from Quebec to emigrate to the area of Bourbonnais Township. Thus he earned the name “Father of Kankakee”. William Baker and other settlers also began farming the valley of the Kankakee River in 1831, and the log-cabin village of Rockville was founded in 1840. The Kankakee and Iroquois Navigation Co. was chartered in 1847 to provide a navigable waterway from the Illinois and Michigan Canal as far as Warner’s Landing on present day Warner Bridge Rd. This company went bankrupt when the Wabash Railroad came through in the early 1880’s. Hand-cut pillars of limestone still stand at the Chippewa Campground where a railroad bridge was to have been erected before the railroad ran out of funds.

Fun Facts About Chicago

Chicago is the home of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Wrigley Field and world famous deep dish pizza just to name a few. But among all of the obvious reasons the city is famous there are many more fun and interesting facts about the windy city that are not as obvious but fun to know. The city is full of art and history as well as beaches, parks and more than 7300 restaurants.

I Bet You Didn’t Know…

I bet you didn’t know that in 1837 Chicago became a city and has grown into the biggest city in Illinois or that “Route 66” began in what is also known as the “City that Works”. In 1893 the world’s first Ferris wheel made its debut at the World’s Columbian Exposition and softball was invented in the city that eventually became known for its larger than life sports teams including the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Cubs.

Along with being involved in a lot of firsts in this country the “Second City” as it has also been nicknamed has been on the edge of engineering technology which was demonstrated when the city successfully changed the flow of the Chicago River so that it no longer emptied into Lake Michigan but ran into the Mississippi River instead. This was done in the 1900’s and was increasingly ahead of its time as far as technology was concerned. The city has continued to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Is That Really True?

Is it really true that Chicago holds the tallest building in the western hemisphere? YES, Willis Tower stands 110 stories high and from the tallest observation deck 4 states can be seen. Is it true that the city holds 1 of 3 free zoos still left in the country? YES, Lincoln Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in the country and is visited by millions every year. Is it true that the first blood bank was opened in the city? YES, in 1937 Dr. Bernard Fantus established the first public blood bank at Cook County Hospital to help with blood shortages in the city.

Is it true that Chicago has had the only father – son Mayors? YES, Richard J. Daley is the father of Richard M. Daley and they have both been mayor of this beautiful city. Is it True that the first planetarium was built here? YES, in 1930, Adler Planetarium was built and it was not only the first planetarium in the country, but the first planetarium built in the entire western hemisphere. Is it true that the first remote control was invented here? YES, in 1950 the first television remote control was introduced to the public.

So as you can see there are a lot of fun facts that you may or may not have known about the great city of Chicago. Technology, sports and lots of cultural history have been born here and this great city will continue to produce great things.

United Airlines Are Dominating the Skies

United Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Continental Holdings. Based out of Chicago- Illinois, United Airlines booking commenced its booking with the existence of United Airlines after a merger between United and Continental Airlines in 2010.

In Flight Services

UA aircraft cabins have been designed to provide extra legroom for the comfort of its passengers. The airline offers complimentary juices, tea, coffee and soft drinks to its passengers. Alcoholic drinks, meals and snacks are available on board and can be purchased by passengers.

United Airlines in-flight entertainment system offers a choice of several audio programs, TV channels and movies; complimentary headsets are offered to the passengers. Customers on board can also shop for duty free items that are on sale by the airline. Wi-Fi is also available for use on some of the operator’s aircraft.

Check in Options

The airline permits check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Opting for online check-in helps one save a lot of time and hassle of last minute check- in at airports. One can do an online check in from the comfort of their home and also print their own boarding pass. Customers also have the choice of getting their boarding pass link being e-mailed to their mobile phones; the barcode on this link needs to be displayed by the passengers to get through the security checkpoint and also at the time of boarding the flight. One must however note that passengers travelling with paper tickets reservations cannot make an online check-in.

Baggage Policy

The airline allows one carryon bag and another small personal bag; passengers however need to ensure that these luggage items adhere to the size restrictions specified by the airline and also that their carryon luggage easily fits into the overhead bin. Pet carriers are allowed in the aircraft cabin subject to size restrictions and an additional charge. The checked baggage allowance varies; depending upon the class of service opted by the passenger. The airline does not provide any insurance for passenger’s baggage. In case of any missing or lost baggage customers are required to fill in a detailed form and submit the same to the airline staff.

Furthermore, United is a member of the Star Alliance that beholds many members including Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian and Turkish. Be it United flight booking, Lufthansa or Turkish airline ticket booking, we are always ready with cheap flights fare or low cost airline tickets for everyone between any desired destinations served by United.

Wingfoot Air Express – The First Airship Disaster

On Monday 21st July 1919 the Wingfoot Air Express (owned by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company) crashed into the Illinois Trust and Savings Building in Chicago, with the loss of 13 lives. This was the worst Airship disaster in the USA until the Zeppelin Airship, Hindenburg crashed in 1937. Of the 13 who died, one was a crew member, two were passengers whilst the remaining 10 were bank employees in the building below.

The Wingfoot Air Express was carrying passengers from Grant Park to the White City Amusement Park when, at an altitude of about 1200ft, the craft caught fire above the Chicago Loop. Once the crew realised that the Airship was lost, the Pilot and the Chief Mechanic parachuted to safety along with a third person who broke both legs and later died in hospital.

The Illinois Trust & Savings Bank building on the corner of LaSalle Street and Jackson Boulevard, housed 150 employees who were closing up after the days business (the fire being reported to have started at 4:55pm) in the main banking hall. The main hall was illuminated by a large skylight and the remains of the Wingfoot Air Express struck the banks skylight directly causing flaming debris to fall through to the hall below. As well as the ten employees who were killed, 27 members of staff were also reported injured.

After the crash, Chicago City Council imposed a ban on hydrogen filled dirigibles from flying over populated parts of the city. The Airships home base, Grant Park Airstrip, was also closed shortly after the crash.

Published in honor of those who lost their lives while at their work in the bank, in a catastrophe that left all officers and employes grief striken.


Out of the clear sky came a mass of flaming wreckage which crashed through the big skylight of this bank, bringing death and injury into the Illinois Trust family. A big dirigible sailing over the loop caught fire a thousand feet in the air and came rushing like a flaming comet, down to earth. The finger of fate had selected the skylight of this building among the hundreds of flat roofs surrounding, on which the dirigible was to strike.

This great tragedy resulted in the death of ten of the bank’s people and the injury of twenty-seven others, leaving a never to be forgotten shadow over the entire institution. Employes and officers were busy closing up the day’s business on July 21st. It had been a big day. Monday almost invariably brings more business than other days of the week. Many of the employes already were on their way home. Those still at work were putting the final touches on the day’s work and would have departed for home very shortly.

Suddenly, as if the whole roof was caving in, there came a big crash and down through the skylight descended the huge, fiery blimp with its twisted iron and heavy mechanism, past the balcony and down to the first floor upon the heads of employes who were working underneath the large skylight.

from The Columns of the Illinois Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago [special memorial issue]: 3, July 1919,

Have a Hollywood Romance With These Romantic Comedy Getaways Near Kenosha, Wisconsin

Let Hollywood screenwriters be the guide to a romantic getaway destination with the leading lady or man in your life. Star in your own local romance with any one of these five locations with ties to popular movies. All are within a two-hour drive of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin

“Love Actually,” Cedarburg, Wisconsin

This quaint historic city is mentioned in the film when one character travels from England to Wisconsin to meet American women. Located 20 minutes north of Milwaukee, it offers seasonal festivals, outdoor activities, an array of interesting shops & restaurants and cultural events. Consider a stay at the Washington House Inn.

“The Prince & Me,” Madison, Wisconsin

Though not filmed in Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the main locale where the leads meet and fall in love. Visit this beautiful college city and see what the cast & crew missed, including the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, a free tour of the state capital building, then spice things up with a visit to the suburban National Mustard Museum.

Actor Mark Ruffalo’s hometown, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Star of such romantic comedies as “Just Like Heaven,” Mark Ruffalo was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Ride the downtown 1950’s restored electric trolleys. Get an all-day pass for $3.00 to hop off and on to enjoy restaurants and museums then stay overlooking Lake Michigan at the Best Western Harborside Inn & Conference Center.

In Illinois

“Groundhog Day,” Woodstock, Illinois

Every year Woodstock, Illinois celebrates its starring turn in this classic comedy. Visit the Woodstock Opera House that hosts year-round musical events and theatrical productions and have a bite to eat at the adjacent Stage Left CafĂ©. Book a room at the Royal Victorian Manor Bed & Breakfast, better known in the film as the Cherry Street Inn, where Bill Murray’s character stayed night after night after night…

“Sixteen Candles” in Evanston, Illinois

Evanston was one film location for this John Hughes directed movie. It’s home to the 240 acre Northwestern University campus, a place perfect for long hand-in-hand walks among a mix of Gothic and modern buildings. For a romantic souvenir enter Dave’s Down to Earth Rock Shop for gemstones, jewelry, minerals and fossils. The Bahai Temple of North America (currently one of seven worldwide) is worth stepping over the Evanston border into neighboring Wilmette to view the temple’s architecture and in-season gardens and fountains.

Filmmakers know the formula for romance and a visit to any of these local cities can be the basis for a blockbuster romantic getaway.

Travel Travails – Confiscated Carry-Ons on Sale

If you’ve ever lost knitting needles, pocket sewing kits, corkscrews or all-in-one tools to the airport security checkpoint, here’s a way to get it back. Well maybe.

Despite 9/11, more and more traveler’s are losing a grip on their goods. The TSA has devised a way to profit from your loss, however small. The confiscated items are sent to various state warehouses to be either reclaimed or sold. However, this isn’t exactly news. The Unclaimed Baggage Center has been selling lost luggage in Alabama for years. It was even featured on Oprah. It just warms my heart to know that someone may be bidding on my too tight shoes (but they were cute), old undies and brand new bathing suit.

It’s not clear if they are also selling confiscated gels, lotions or other liquids that are over 3 ounces. Many people report seeing them thrown into the garbage. But one man’s garbage bag may be another’s TSA shipping container on the way to Tucker, Ga or some other state destination. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania are saving items with some states even collecting for other states and raising money for their own coffers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they are now seeking to reunite passengers with their items before selling them. This may come as some relief to those that have lost a precious gift or heirloom. But don’t hold your breath – there are thousands of items retrieved each month.

There’s Also Help Preventing Baggage Loss

There’s a new service that will assist you and the airport in locating your luggage. It’s called “Bags ReUnited”. According to the website it is a free 24 hour Global Recovery system that ” . . . has been created to provide an effective way of ensuring that a lost bag or item can be returned to you.”

The online service provides luggage tags (that can be printed from the web) and when your baggage is found, it sends an SMS (text)/email alert message to you. The instructions on the uniquely coded tags can even be printed in various languages depending on your destination. There are a few other features like maintaining your address book and itineraries online, but there are lots of other sites that do that. You can report your loss anywhere you can access the internet (smart idea to add the url to your smart phone with data access).

It also touts free lifetime registration and protection of items other than luggage. While registration, tag printing and notification are free, Instant Alert (SMS text message to your mobile phone) carries a $4.99 yearly surcharge payable by credit card or PayPal.

So – maybe you haven’t lost that slamming bathing suit (although you had to buy another at your destination) or the custom engraved chopsticks forever. Focus on enjoying your travels and if the luggage security troll eats your stuff, check out these options before you give up hope.

  • Carry-On Items Taken at Airports Find Happy Homes –
  • Unclaimed Baggage Center:
  • Bags ReUnited:

A Fair and Balanced Review of Ambit Energy

In line with the ever increasing prices of energy and electricity, Ambit Energy looks like a more cost effective alternative to your high electric bills. Given the economy’s volatile nature, chances are low that costs will go down any time soon. It’s either you keep paying for the pricey bills or check out what Ambit Energy has to offer.

What is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 by two friends namely Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless. One day, over lunch, the topic of energy deregulation was brought up and they saw the opportunity of providing the market with low cost energy options. From there, the company took off and is now comprised of over 250,000 independent consultants. In 2008, the company had revenue of $200 million while 2009 saw more growth with the revenue reaching almost $325 million.

Aside from offering cheaper energy, the company’s network marketing nature is also a great opportunity for customers to enjoy added financial rewards. All the consultant has to do is promote and sell the brand’s products and services to enjoy the promised rewards.

Energy Services in 12 States

At the core of Ambit Energy’s business mission is to allow consumers to save money. As a retail electricity and gas provider, it offers the most competitive rates in the market serving 12 states in the US. Among these states are:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Illinois
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey

In addition to its cost-effective services offered for both commercial and residential consumers, the company also introduced the prepaid plan in 2010. Said plan is available in select Texas area offering consumers with flexibility in their energy usage. The plan comes with a smart metering technology for easy monitoring.

Become a Consultant

If you want to earn extra income in addition to saving on energy cost, one way to do it is to become an Ambit Energy consultant. As a consultant, one can start a business by simply doing two things. One is to gather loyal customers and second is to help others do the same thing.

To become a consultant, there is a one-time fee of $429 that must be paid. Doing so allows the customer to join the company’s network marketing compensation plan.

With Ambit Energy, there are no products to sell or inventories to worry about. The consultant only has to promote the services and gain loyal customers in order to take part in the company’s financial reward promises.

The Compensation Plan

Helping consultants earn money with Ambit Energy are the added perks of:

  • Low rates
  • Rewards Program
  • Free Energy

There are also three ways for consultants to earn a compensation. As you invite more customers to try the brand’s low cost services, you can receive residual income in the form of the following:

  1. Bonuses for new customer sign ups
  2. Bonuses when team members sign up new customers

Enjoy Free Energy

Ambit Energy further attracts consultants and customers with its Free Energy program. Both consultants and customers can earn free energy by following four easy steps:

  1. Sign Up for the company’s low cost services.
  2. Refer Friends to also sign up and save money. The goal is to refer 15 or more family or friends.
  3. Get Credit as you refer friends. For every person who signed up, you are entitled to credits that will reflect in your bill or sent via a check.
  4. Share the Wealth by encouraging referrals to also refer 15 or more friends to sign-up so they can enjoy the Free Energy bonus.

Additional Incentives

As only one of the many energy providers in the US, Ambit Energy included in its program additional incentives such as travel rewards to gain customer loyalty.

Every customer is eligible to earn and enjoy travel rewards. For every kilowatt hour usage, the customer is entitled to an equivalent one travel point. When you have accumulated sufficient points, you can choose from a number of travel packages.

One other way to enjoy the travel incentive is to refer five or more friends to sign up. You then get to a travel package that can be worth up to 45,000 points.

What Customers Say

Ambit Energy may be a relatively young network marketing business but it has enjoyed rapid growth over the years. It’s only been around for about 9 years but it has already generated over $1 billion in revenues. Today, it is serving over 1 million customers in the US and more consultants are taking advantage of the business opportunity.

While the company is certainly doing well, customer feedback is one factor to also look into when investigating Ambit Energy. Complaints about customer representatives who misrepresent rewards are common. Questionable rate increases are always brought up as well as an allegedly poor billing system. In the end, there are a lot of happy customers but there are also those who are not satisfied.

Nothwithstanding the above concerns Ambit Energy appears to be a sound company with a successful track record.

Pick 3 Lottery and Pick 4 Lottery Traveling Numbers Can Make Players Winners

There are millions of Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery players in the United States and Canada. They play these two lottery games because they can win with them. The Pick 3 Lottery has odds of 1,000 to 1 to capture a Straight Win. The Pick 4 Lottery with that added digit has odds of 10,000 to 1.

Compared to the highly advertised Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lotteries with their very enticing multimillion dollar jackpots and odds ranging from 125 million to 1 to 195 million to 1 that very few people can win without some major help from Lady Luck, Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries are the choice of all these smart lottery players.

Their relatively small comparative jackpots of $500 for the Pick 3 Lottery and $5000 for the Pick 4 Lottery with the same $1 investment can keep players playing and having fun at the same time. These millions of lottery players play their chosen numbers each day, and then go off to their daily routines of work, family responsibilities, and leisure time activities before retiring for their nightly slumber.

The following morning they begin their day by openning up the USA Today or local newspaper in hopes of starting their day reading that their chosen Pick 3 or Pick 4 numbers made them a winner overnight. There is a certain thrill when a lottery player begins his/her day proclaiming one’s self to all the world as “a winner”.

This is not to overlook the fact they are slightly richer than the day before by $500 or $5000 with a Straight Win respectively. Even a smaller Box Win ranging from $40 to $600 can provide the same kind of thrill. A winner is a winner is a winner. And it is always fun deciding what to do with this new extra free money when the players cash their winning tickets.

But as players run their fingers down the list of winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 results from the different State and Provincial Lotteries in the USA Today newspaper or their local newspaper, they make an amazing discovery about some of these winning lottery numbers.

Both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lotteries have drawn the same three or four digits. They may not be in the same order, but sometimes they are. Sometimes they appear on the same day and sometimes they appear the next day or even a few days later.

On May 1, 2011 Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Pick 3 lotteries drew 353 in the Tri-State midday drawing. On the following day the midday drawing in the New Jersey Pick 3 drew the same Pick 3 number, 353. May 2, 2011 also recorded the Tennessee Cash 3 midday drawing of 353. Later that day, in the evening drawing of the California Daily 3 on May 2, 2011 335 was the winning Pick 3 number.

The 274 began as back to back winners repeating itself in both the midday and evening drawings on May 10, 2011 in the South Carolina Pick 3 Lottery. On May 12, 2011 Virginia Pick 3 drew 742. Minnesota Pick 3, in their evening drawing that same day drew 247. In the single draw States with only evening drawings, the next day, May 13, 2011 Washington State Daily Game Lottery drew 274, and on May 14, 2011 the Kansas Pick 3 Lottery drew 472.

These are known as “traveling numbers”. Some Pick 3 and Pick 4 players are not aware of their existence. Some players had seen these occurrences, but didn’t know what to make of them or what to call it. Pick 3 and/or Pick 4 numbers that contain the same digits and are drawn and redrawn in different State or Provincial Lotteries over a short period of time are known as “traveling numbers”.

Pick 4 players find similar occurrences as they looked for their winning numbers. On May 8, 2011 the Michigan Daily 4 evening number was 8269. The next day on May 9, 2011 the Indiana Daily 4 midday drawn number was 8926. These Pick 4 digits put their traveling shoes on again, and on May 12, 2011 in the evening drawing arrived in the Maryland Pick 4 Lottery as 2869. The next day, May 13, 2011 these four digits appeared in the New Jersey Pick 4 midday drawing as 8629 before returning to the Michigan Daily 4 that same evening as 9286.

The neighboring Pick 4 number, 3968, started its travels on May 10, 2011 in the Michigan Daily 4 in the evening drawing. On May 12, 2011 in the Ohio Pick 4 Lottery midday drawing it appeared as 8963. On May 15, 2011 in the midday drawing in the Virginia Pick 4 it was drawn as 8639. Later that same evening in the Delaware Play 4 it came in as 3986.

Just as players see above, these traveling numbers like to visit neighboring States. In the Illinois and Iowa Pick 4 evening drawing on May 8, 2011 the 2798 was drawn. In the very next evening drawing on May 9, 2011 the Missouri Pick 4 Lottery drew the SAME PICK 4 NUMBER, 2798, in the EXACT SAME ORDER.

Pick 3 and Pick 4 traveling numbers can make lottery players winners when they know of their existence and their possible visit, especially from neighboring States or Provinces. Using a proven Pick 3 and/or Pick 4 Lottery System that helps players to discover the possibility that these three or four digits could repeat, improves their chances of winning tremendously.

International Flights From Delhi to Chicago

Chicago is the largest city of Illinois, United States of America. There are numerous airlines which operates their airline from Delhi to Chicago. The city has the second busiest airport in the world which is named O ‘Hare International Airport. Chicago is served majorly by three international airports i.e. Midway International Airport, O ‘Hare and third one is Chicago/Gary International Airport. All these airports make commuting very easy to Chicago from Delhi or any other part of world.

Almost all the major airlines fly from Delhi to Chicago but only Air India, Jet Airways and Major US Carrier has direct flight. It takes near about 15 to 17 hours to reach by direct flights. If you want to take a break and be relaxed then book a flight with one or two stoppage. This will help you to relax your body because it’s really throbbing to be seated in a flight for long duration. People prefer airlines with one stoppage which helps them to be comfortable and unperturbed. Air India, Swiss Airways, United Airlines, Major European Carrier, Etihad, Continental Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, etc. have flights with one or two stoppage to make your journey pleasant.

You can book your air tickets at any point of time but prefer planning your trip in advance. This will help you to know all the details of different airlines and you can opt the best one as per your requirement. The prices of the air ticket start from Rs. 30000 and goes up to 170000 depending upon flight to flight. There are 190 flights which connect Delhi to Chicago which encourage the visit of people to both cities.

Whether you are on a vacation or on a business trip this is for sure that you will never be bored with so many things to do in Chicago. If you want to visit the city then take a look to city tour guide and enjoy the visit to historic places. For children Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, are the places to excite them. Apart from that you can see Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel, Museum Campus, Chicago Opera Theatre, Museum of Contemporary Art, etc.

If you planning to go to Chicago then plan your vacation at least 15 days before travel to get the best deal. Prefer traveling with the full service airline as the journey is too long and requires better services. So what are you waiting for now? Grab a ticket to Chicago and enjoy your journey.